IntelliSoft Technologies Inc. was founded in 1997 to provide services in Information Technology, and for several years, we have expanded our horizon by adding Fortune 500 companies among our clients. IntelliSoft is growing aggressively with an excellent team of consultants who provide our clients with unparalleled performance.

IntelliSoft is a recognized leader in a wide range of Information Systems technologies. IntelliSoft provides services that are highly regarded throughout the industry. Our professionals bring exceptional quality and dedication to the client. Our ability to analyze existing technology environments, design and develop new systems, develop specifications and documentation, provide operating systems and applications programming, and assure full integration into existing environments are illustrated in several enclosed project abstracts.

Why Us

Intellisoft is a global technology consulting firm that delivers a wide array of solutions to clients across the globe. It takes a reliable, innovative partner to design and implement solutions that enable businesses to do business better – regardless of their industry, geography, or maturity.

Efficient, performance-driven and cost-effective technology infrastructure can be the differentiator that makes businesses hugely successful and enables them to focus more on their core services and products. We understand your business and help you revitalize your current processes with the help of technology.

By putting together the right technical skills and management expertise coupled with agile development process, we are passionate about helping our clients in developing their software products efficiently and cost effectively within the Mobile, Analytics and Cloud and Enterprise software arena leveraging our broad technology expertise. We have stringent quality assurance processes in place to make sure we deliver the products of highest quality. Post-delivery we ensure the customers are provided online or onsite support depending upon the complexity of the problems and projects.

Why Now?

The evolutionary nature of technology has picked up so much pace lately. It’s becoming hard day-by-day to keep up with such leaps in technology which when implemented correctly, could take your business to heights never imagined before.

As predicted by Gartner in their top 10 strategic tech trends 2015 report, advanced pervasive analytics, supercharged enterprise mobility and a new breed of cloud computing services are here to help you optimize your business process and increase productivity in heaps.

Building future-proof apps is the first step in building a sustainable infrastructure for your company. Intellisoft helps you in bringing your idea to life, consulting you in every step of the pre-development phase, development phase to post-delivery and support phase as well.