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Intellisofttech a pioneer in Oracle applications and technologies has been delivering end-to-end services in key areas like consulting, implementations, rollouts, upgrades and migration for more than a decade. Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of Oracle E-Business suite like ERP, Inventory, HCM, Financial and Customer experience services on the cloud. We have been recognized in the industry as an Oracle Gold Partner for providing best-in class consulting for the Fortune 500 clients.

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Intellisoft Technologies – Consulting competence to fuel business growth

If choosing the right software for business strategy formulation is difficult, deciding the appropriate time for a migration or up-gradation is much more herculean.

But changes pave the way for progression and long-term growth. Upgrades help to keep pace with industry trends and secure the competitive edge. Upgrading Hyperion analytics are essential to maximize ROI by increasing visibility of various business operations. Upgrades provide an organization an enhanced and reliable user interface with a superior functionality.more

With these facts stated, it is equally important to remember that implementation of a migration is as difficult as launching a new business. But with consultancy service from Intellisoft Technologies, it becomes an endearing task. Our suite of service business includes implementation, integration, configuration and up-gradation. Therefore, to entrust Intellisoft Technologies with an up-gradation task is definitely a wise choice.


Intellisoft Technologies offers complete support during the entire Oracle Hyperion migration project. We focus deeply on both the business and technical aspects associated with a migration. Having served our clientele with a great sense of business responsibility for more than two decades, Intellisoft Technologies combines the advantages of resources from Oracle Hyperion Business and Oracle Hyperion Infrastructure business practices.

The software architects of Intellisoft Technologies are extremely skilled at developing a Hyperion specific architecture and implementing enterprise specific solutions that offer availability, compatibility, reliability, scalability, performance and security. Through several successful deployments, we have perfected the methodology to be followed during an upgrade. Our clients are well aware of our professionalism in sticking to timelines and responsible delivery of services. We initiate the migration process only after thorough strategizing that ensures no interruptions to the business or ongoing production processes.

  • Extended support from Oracle
  • An architecture aligned with Oracle direction that accelerates growth
  • Opportunity for current platforms to run uninterrupted
  • Oracle Configuration Manager simplifies support process
  • Unified Installer
  • Enhanced IT compliance
  • Robust security/administrative features
  • Lifecycle management – makes migrations manageable
  • In-place upgrades and patches in real-time
  • Bundled WebLogic license
  • Integration with OBIEE

  • Greater flexibility and user productivity
  • A centralized data management system
  • Cost reduction
  • Reduced complexity in compliance
  • Provides timely and accurate information
  • Consistent user interface and simple applications management
  • Seamless data integration and increased usability for timely, accurate data administration

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Speedy, high quality automated migration to OBIEE

The migration support of Intellisoft Technologies provides the following:

  • Assessment
  • Estimation
  • Scheduling
  • Migration
  • Application Remediation
  • Testing
  • Validation
  • Performance Benchmarking and optimization
  • Go-live support (post the migration)

All these years, organizations have acquired several incongruent Business Intelligence, reporting and analytics solutions to handle a variety of business functions. At present, they face the overwhelming tasks of managing numerous license and maintenance costs, the agony of upgrade planning coupled with the administrative, training and support costs of all these applications. This leads to a financial burden and inhibits organizations from rolling out an autonomous, self-governing BI functionality.more

The migration methodology of Intellisoft Technologies addresses these challenges by providing swift, reliable and high quality migration and consolidation of multiple BI tools into a single Oracle Business Intelligence platform.

This includes:

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite
  • Oracle Hyperion

The migrated application is available on both standard hardware, Oracle Database, Hyperion Essbase and on supported non-Oracle databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Postgre SQL, My SQL and so forth.

The migration methodology of Intellisoft Technologies uses a pluggable architecture to migrate and consolidate from a variety of analytical and reporting platforms to the client’s choice of superior BI platforms. Our solution is capable of migrating from legacy systems and other various platforms including Microstrategy, Cognos, Microsoft BI and SAP BO to the Oracle platform.

The solution is delivered through a flexible-cost approach. It involves a high level of automation combined with the expertise of Intellisoft’s experienced consultants resulting in substantial savings of time, money and resources. This enables fast, time-bound migrations facilitating companies to strategize their transition to fully utilizing the capabilities of OBIEE, thereby, resulting in faster and better ROI on their investments.

Features of Intellisoft’s OBIEE services include:
  • API and meta-model based accelerator for automated migration
  • Migrates semantic layer as well as reports/dashboards
  • Migrates multi-dimensional objects (dice and cubes)
  • Enables an autonomous, self-sufficient BI
  • Retains source project/module structure on the target platform
  • Highly automated testing solution (Smart Compare)
  • Comprehensive program from discovery to roll-out
  • Automated IP-driven solution
  • Assured quality, consistency, user experience and guaranteed fast report response times in target platform
  • 60%-70% direct cost savings compared to manual migration
  • 80% reduction of business and business IT consulting efforts at customer front because of the unique reverse engineered meta-data model
  • Reduction in the migration cycle by more than 60% as compared to the manual processes
  • Proven flexibility in product to add unique, customer-specific migration automation
  • Deep expertise in migrating from SAP Business Objects, MicroStrategy, IBM Cognos, Microsoft BI to OBIEE
  • Flexible Pricing model, adherence to deadlines and time-frames
  • Predictable roll-outs to ensure successless

Oracle Application Consulting Services

We do IT exceedingly well

Facilitating a speedy ROI from Oracle investment requires not just technical capabilities. One must understand that every business operates in its own unique manner where distinctly different demands need to be met. Nothing can teach these intricacies like real business opportunities and deployments. At Intellisoft Technologies, we provide a user-friendly mix of proactive creativity, technology and expertise that results in impactful solutions to acquire the competitive edge and revenue boost.more


As an Oracle Gold Partner, we ensure that the ROI on Oracle investments reap the maximum benefits. Intellisoft Technologies has a proven business record of leveraging Oracle solutions to deliver excellence in operations, boost in revenue and improved operating margins.

The solutions of Intellisoft Technologies are:

  • INSIGHTFUL – We specialize in delivering industry specific, data-driven insights making us a unique player in the software business.
  • INNOVATIVE – Innovation is key to every business activity of Intellisoft Technologies. Our solutions, therefore, catapult business operations to futuristic statures.
  • IMPACTFUL – Our solutions help achieve productionizing at a faster pace. The results generated are tangible and transform the way business is conducted henceforth.

The Solution consultants at Intellisoft Technologies not only have a deep understanding of the complex and integrated structure of Oracle applications, their extensive knowledge of several industries and industry specific business processes adds greater dimensions and value to our Oracle Application Consulting Services. They always keep their learning mode on. Engaging constantly in training sessions helps to keep themselves abreast with what is trending in the business environment. Our consultants are trained to perceive new solutions for old industry complications.

Several successful deployments by Intellisoft Technologies testify the fact that we implement time-tested methodologies and follow industry practices that lead to excellence. Our Business Accelerators drastically reduce implementation discovery, configuration and testing time. We always relieve our clients from the stress and risk of adopting a newer technology.

  • RAID (Rapid Application Implementation & Development): This is applicable for projects with a minimal budget. It comes with a quick deployment mode.
  • VSPD (Vertical Specific Packaged Deployment): With a focus on customer business process, VSPD is an industry-specific solution. It assists to speed up the implementation cycle with minimum customizations required. It contains preconfigured prints and reporting of COA’s Workflow document.
  • CSPD (Customer Specific Process based Development): While RAID and VSPD are meant for micro projects, CSPD caters to business that mandates macro level fine-tuning to adapt the application to business needs. This process warrants an in-depth Fit Gap Analysis with documentation specific to every department followed by two iteration of Conference Room Pilot (CRP). Apart from detailed documentation, this approach also requires a tools repository for handling the complexities of an enormous business. After Level 1, 2 & 3 are completed with a pre-defined testing approach and the project core team approves the methodology, the model goes live in the business environment.

The consultants of Intellisoft can assist you in maximizing your Oracle applications investment. You could E-mail us at Also, click here to request for a meeting.less

Oracle Managed Services


A comprehensive Oracle Managed Services and Outsourcing – To deliver IT value to the client and increase efficiency in business operations

The managed services offered by Intellisoft Technologies is on-demand and hassle free. We are always ready to plunge into action at any time of the day or year.

Through our professional know-how and expertise, we ensure that the results are tangible. We bring to the table the skills of the data architects and solution consultants of Intellisoft Technologies. We understand that IT systems form the backbone of an organization and, therefore, maintain and enhance infrastructure reliability and stability. This is achieved through cautious monitoring, administration and amendments coupled with the latest technology that always suits business needs. more

The Managed Services of Intellisoft Technologies is the best choice for organizations seeking ways to manage and limit expenses. You can designate us to handle tasks that will otherwise consume a lot of your money, manual effort and time. Our services extract several utilities from an organization’s databases helping them to secure the competitive advantage in the market. Thus, the value of investments made on databases and administration of IT systems are increased manifold.

We offer Managed Services at various levels:

Operating System (OS) and Networking Level:

We manage software and network path both during peak time and downtime.

Database Level:

We monitor Database, tune the database performance and engage in periodical (daily/weekly/ bi-monthly/ monthly) checking of the database.

Application Level:

This caters primarily to E-business. We maintain both database and application layer. We apply patches (within the existing version). We provide consultancy, configuration and customization on request.

Security Level:
  • We install, configure and maintain security software.
  • We implement patches and upgrades.
  • We periodically (weekly/monthly/quarterly) engage in maintenance and generation of reports.

Once the project is assigned to Intellisoft Technologies, one can be rest assured of quality and precision in delivery. Our flexible and highly efficient IT operations offer:

  • Consistency – Constant round the clock support
  • True Support – Expert maintenance system that reduces downtime
  • Expertise – Equipped staff who strictly adhere to timelines without compromising on quality

If you are looking for a skilled service provider during the Oracle Hyperion upgrade process, get in touch with Intellisoft Technologies. E-mail us at or click here to request us for a meeting.less

Consulting for Oracle EBS R12 Upgrade & R12 to Fusion migration

Minimizing risk while maximizing value

An upgrade in business is the key that opens avenues for sustenance and growth. While Oracle E-Business suite has constantly evolved over the years, it still takes the power of R12 to secure the competitive advantage. While current platforms do not provide adequate critical support, an R12 will position your business to leverage a more powerful and supportive technology. Intellisoft Technologies delivers a focused, end-to-end methodology to help organizations initiate the process of upgrading while mitigating risk and taking advantage of increased functionality.more


Only a solution that is tailor-made to suit the needs of a specific industry can provide the transformational, innovative functionality that sets apart an organization. The consultants of Intellisoft diligently work with you to overcome the critical situations that arise during an R12 upgrade. You get a precise, complete and custom made E-Business Suite R12 upgrade that increases the value from your investment.

Our Oracle experts offer process and industry specific business insights to take advantage of R12’s enhanced capabilities. These insights will standardize, centralize and simplify mission-critical systems and processes. It will also ensure that the upgrade implementation specifically addresses the requirements of a business.

Benefits of Upradation/Migration from R12 to Fusion

  • Constant Support for Oracle applications
  • Conform to business standards of reliability and availability
  • Creates a platform that supports future growth
  • Replace or minimize complex customizations
  • Utilize the additional functionalities offered by the new features
  • An enhanced user interface with visual entities that resemble the web
  • A new ledger architecture that supports legal entity configuration and multi-report modeling
  • Enhanced support for global shared services
  • Support for global E’business tax model: sub-ledger accounting capabilities for greater control
  • Transparency and auditability
  • Greater scope for improved reporting and analytics

With our experience spanning more than 2 decades we, at Intellisoft Technologies, precisely know the roadmap that must be followed for an upgrade to be implemented in a speedy manner with potential issues being identified and mitigated. Our resources bring deep industry and Oracle EBS, BI and EPM experience. Our upgrade strategies ensure that the process is completed within a short period of time at minimum cost. And our comprehensive Testing Services ensure that processes are taken care of till the very end.

To get in touch with our consultants, learn the suitability of an upgrade for your organization or discuss the benefits of an R12 upgrade or migration from R12 to Fusion, E-mail us at You could also CLICK HERE to request a meeting.less