Voice over IP and consulting


Communication has now evolved from data centric to voice through the introduction of VOIP (Voice over internet protocol). A branch of communication is cloud telephony, which refers specifically and solely to voice communications. We at Intellisoft host the communication services through servers that are owned and maintained by us. We deliver voice and data communications applications to our customers by giving access to these servers.

We provide a variety of communicating resources, from servers and storage to enterprise applications such as data security, email, backup and data recovery, voice, all of it delivered over the Internet. Intellisoft provides a hosting environment that is flexible, immediate, scalable, secure, and available – while saving enterprise’s money, time and resources.

Our services include:

  • Asterisk installation
  • Asterisk configuration
  • Dialplan programming
  • AGI scriptingI
  • VR Designing
  • Fax Support
  • Vicidial and Trixbox integration
  • Vicidial and FreePBX integration
  • A2Billing Installation
  • Asterisk with OpenSERSecurity design Dos and CDOS
  • Billing solution design
  • GUI design using PHP
  • Design of soft phone
  • Predictive dialer
  • Specific customization with c and C++
  • Embedded technology
  • AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface)
  • Design Graphical Call Manager
  • Outbound Call Spooling
  • TCP/IP Management Interface