Digital Commerce

Technology is advancing at a breakneck pace. So is life. People are more akin to mobile devices and barely have the time to go window shopping. They need what they need and they need it now. With the time evolving to NOW, and customers vying for instant services and gratification, it is a hard task for the retailers to keep up with. Intellisoft provides solutions that move your retail onto a platform where you can meet your customers anywhere anytime.



Apps are now available on smart phones – and some not so smart phones – to access emails and Chrome and other search engines. This enables the everyday user to simply type in the keywords in their mobile device to browse for information, compare products or find the availability of a certain product. It would be a catastrophic decision not to have a responsive or a mobile accessible website. With our mobile solutions, your customer can reach you anywhere anytime.


E learning

Education is moving out of the classroom and into the virtual environment. Schools now need to equip themselves with tools to meet the needs of students to provide visual aid, simulation studies and more. At Intellisoft, we have invested in quality solutions for schools and universities. We provide a java based software that can adapt to your existing operating system, saving your time and a huge investment on software licensing.


Unified Communication

The telecom industry is a dynamic one. Keeping up with the advancement of technology and running a business at that pace can prove a bit too much. Intellisoft is equipped with resources that provide a unified communication system. Our in built VOIP communication system allows us to provide instant and world class solutions. We also provide enterprise level solutions through CRM, billing platform, OSS ad BSS expertise. These solutions allow the telecom company to provide cost effective and efficient services to its customers.


Business APPs

Customers want access to everything, everywhere. But we understand that this is a daunting task for banks and financial institution. So how do you, as a bank, plan your investments to retain your customer’s interest and even more importantly grow your customer base further. The answer lies in leveraging the future. Intellisoft with its experience in Oracle database system, informatics and Hyperion offers a bridge to harness the multiple benefits of the next generation banking platform by delivering it on demand.



Salesforce and apps development

Branding, marketing is one of the, if not the most important aspect of building a business. This is what is going to get the word out and build your customer base. And it is equally crucial to select the right mode of marketing.

SharePoint and Azure

A large technologically driven enterprise requires a large data sharing platform. Information at the right time in the right hands can make a world of difference to an organization.


Intellisoft’s experience building Mobile Apps for hundreds of clients has helped us to develop the following process.

Application / Product development

In this day and age, your application is your identity. That is what helps you connect to your customers. That is where your customers find your services.

Voice over IP and consulting

Communication has now evolved from data centric to voice through the introduction of VOIP (Voice over internet protocol). A branch of communication is cloud telephony, which refers specifically and solely to voice communications.

Big data

Data is at the heart of everything that we do. We at Intellisoft know that the data and customer knowledge is the key that drive’s all interactions and ultimately your digital interactions with your customers.


We at Intellisoft understand the need for data storage and integration. We also know the cost involved in and the tedious task of setting up and maintaining a server.

professional services

IT Staff Augmentation Service helps our clients to utilize skilled IT personnel to help fill specific roles within your company, on a temporary basis.


Intellisoft is always help to us in creating responsive web portal or developing member management software of our specific need with cost effective manner. The mobile apps project for our association was successful due to great efforts from Intellisoft team.


You guys are awesome. They are my IT partner from last 3 years, they supported me on big league pre project, BLP academy and BLP mobile apps. They are technical knowledgeable and always provide right It solutions


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